Be My Baby

  • 5月28日(水), 2:30 p.m. Mousonturm Saal
  • 5月30日(金), 10:30 p.m. Mal Seh'n Kino
  • Koi no uzu
  • Japan 2013, HDcam, 138 Min., Japanese with English Subtitles
  • 監督:大根仁
  • Script: Daisuke MIURA
  • Camera: Futa TAKAGI, Yasuyuki OZEKI, Hitoshi ONE
  • Music: Taisei IWASAKI
  • Production & World Sales: Cinema Impact Inc.
  • Actors: Kenta NIKURA, Naoko WAKAI, Chihiro SHIBATA, Yumi GOTO, Tokie HIROSE
  • ドイツプレミア上映 出演者: 後藤ユウミと上田祐揮による舞台挨拶有り
  • Nippon Cinema Award

Modern love is a complicated thing. If we didn't know that already, we could learn it from this film depicting the emotional chaos of metropolitan twenty-somethings. Their perplexing shenanigans and licentious mischiefs are skillfully integrated into a strict cinematic form. But is there any place for real romance at all?

Director biography
Born in Tokyo in 1968, Hitoshi ONE worked as an assistant director for Yukihiko TSUTSUMI before starting his own multi-faceted career as a TV director, radio host and press columnist. His debut film MOTEKI (2011) was based on his own TV series of the same title.

2011 Love Strikes! (Moteki / NC '12)